Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gigabyte Touch Note T1028M Released

Gigabyte Touch Note T1028M, a netbook with foldable touchscreen display is now available. The company has made the 8.9-inch convertible touchscreen netbook before in 2008.. so this would be the second touchscreen netbook from Gigabyte, and according to UMPC Portal, Gigabyte has learned a lot from its experience with the previous model and built a much better machine in the 10.1-inch Touch Note T1028M.

Gigabyte Touch Note T1028M
Here's the specification for Gigabyte Touch Note T1028M
  • 10.1" swivel touch screen
  • Intel Atom Processor N270 1.6GHz
  • 2.5" 9.5mm SATA HDD 5400rpm, 160 GB
  • 1GB RAM (Max 2GB)
  • Mobile Intel 945GSE Express Chipset+ ICH7M
  • Embedded HSDPA Support
  • 92% full-sized keyboard
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Home
UMPC Portal has done a review on this machine and complement its fast 2.5 inch hard drive and great reception of its UMTS 3G modem. Here's their summary comment on Gigabyte Touch Note T1028M:
"The Touchnote offers a lot more than the average netbook and offers significant improvements over the groundbreaking M912M that came before it. Convertible touchscreen, draft-n WiFi, BT2.1, fast 2.5” drive, easy upgrade possibilities, Expresscard/34 and the well-prepared SIM card and 3G Antenna are a a feature set you won’t find on any other device. The glossy screen and average battery life are really the only two points I could highlight as issues. Oh, and perhaps the fact that an advanced N280-based model is coming soon! Currently Gigabyte stands alone in offering a 10” touchscreen notebook at this price point but they may not have the playground to themselves for long. The ASUS T101H is an obvious competitor and many will be laboring over the choice between the two. Until we get hands-on with the T101H we won’t be able to make a decision but until then, we can certainly say that the Gigabyte Touchnote T1028M is a unique, good value and well thought-out choice in both the prosumer end of the netbook market and the budget notebook market." Read full review

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