Thursday, May 28, 2009

HP Introducing New Netbook Model - Mini 110

HP is introducing a new netbook model called the Mini 110 which is expected to be released on early June.

HP Mini 110
Compared to its predecessor, HP has made several improvements to the Mini 110, including larger hard drive capacities, improved graphics performance, more USB ports, and comes with Syncables software that's used for synchronizing files between netbook and another PC. There will be 3 color options available for the Mini 110: black, white and pink.

There will be 3 different edition of HP Mini 110:
  • HP Mini 110 XP Edition: This model comes with either a 32GB solid state drive or a 160GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, and optional WWAN. At launch this netbook will be available with the same black swhirl pattern found on the HP Mini 1000, but in July it will also be available in white and pink. The HP Mini 110 XP Edition will also be available with an optional Broadcom Crystal HD Enhanced Video Accelerator for handling 1080p video. A high resolution 1366 x 768 pixel display option will eventually be available as well. This netbook should be available starting June 10th with a base price of $329.99.
  • HP Mini 110 Mi Edition: This version comes with Ubuntu Linux and HP’s custom Mi Edition interface for the operating system. It will be available with up to 2GB of RAM and a hard drive up to 250GB. Prices start at $279.99. The HP Mini 110 Mi Edition should be available June 10th for $279.99.
  • HP Mini 1101: This model will be available with Windows XP Home, XP Pro, or Vista. You can also get it with freeDOS if you want to install your own operating system. It’s available with a 32GB SSD or 160GB or 250GB hard disk. There’s also an optional EV-DO/HSPA mobile broadband modem. The HP Mini 1101 will be available starting June 1st with a starting price of $329.


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