Thursday, July 2, 2009

Samsung N310 and N510 Coming To The U.S. Soon

Good news to the U.S. folks.. Two new Samsung mini laptop models, N310 and N510 are coming to the U.S. soon.

Samsung Go Netbook
Samsung N310 is one of the more colorful and stylish netbook that comes with a frameless 10-inch screen and a ruggedized lid. It will hit U.S. market on July 15th with a price of $479. Samsung will be renaming U.S. version of N310 as Samsung Go, and will be replacing the originally lower capacity battery with a higher-capacity 8800 mAH pack, which is said to have 10 hours of usage time.

The Samsung N510, the first 11-inch mini laptop, on the other hand is expected to be released during the Fall or between the Q3 and Q4 time frame. The Samsung N510 is also the first mini laptop from Samsung that will be based on the NVIDIA ION platform which bundles a low power Intel Atom CPU with a higher performance NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor. Blogeee has spotted the Samsung N510 in a press event in France, and taken some pictures of it. It looks pretty much similar to the Samsung NC20, which has a 12.1-inch screen and VIA Nano processor, but with an extra HDMI port, and also a smaller screen.

Source: Laptop Magazine

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