Thursday, November 12, 2009

What Should You Look for in a Small Business Laptop?

These days, when you have a business, a laptop is no longer a luxury but a necessity. When buying a small new laptop for your business, some of the considerations you need to make include the size, OS, CPU power, hard drive space, connectivity options, battery life and other extras that will make your small business laptop your best buddy when it comes to your portable computing needs. All of these are important things to consider when choosing a laptop for your business needs. Some people may also add price to this list but when you talk about business laptops, price is seldom an issue since these are viewed as investments and necessary tools for your business, not an unnecessary expense.

When you first consider the size of your new small laptop for business, you will need to find one that is comfortable for you to carry around. Anything that weighs more than 4 lbs. can become bothersome if you are to bring this along with you every day and everywhere. While you may consider size as one of the options for buying a small laptop for your business needs, you will still need to consider what features can be found in such a minuscule package. Balance out the size of the laptop with what is found in it to come up with the ideal small laptop for your needs.

For your OS considerations, choose one that is compatible with the software and hardware that is found in your computer. Also, choose one that is compatible with the programs that you use for your business. It would be rather useless for you to choose an OS for you small business laptop based on reviews and recommendations from others when you find that you can’t use the software you need for your business on it due to compatibility issues.

For your CPU options, you will of course want a processor, RAM and GPU that suits your processing needs. When you are buying a laptop for business purposes, think more in terms of spreadsheets, Power Point presentations and the like when deciding on these things. These days, however, these things are not much of a problem when you choose a small laptop for your business since most of the newer models out in the market all meet the high expectations you have when it comes to these three things.

Storage, battery life and connectivity are also some of the more important options you will need to consider for your small business laptop. Storage or hard drive space should be somewhere around 120 GB at the least for your many data storage needs and you can go for those that have a maximum hard drive capacity of 250 GB if you feel you will eventually need that much space for your data and software needs. Connectivity is also an important thing for you to consider since this is one of the main reasons why people buy a laptop. Wifi capabilities, Bluetooth and other connectivity options should be looked into. Battery life is also another important thing to consider, especially if you need to do things on the run. This is not that big a problem these days however since most small laptops now have batteries that can run your laptop for as long as 12 hours straight.


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